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Automotive Products

Products and systems to service the automotive and marine industry from repair to finer detailing and finishing. Included in our offering is a range of high performance protective tapes and films.

Automotive Systems

The very best systems in paint finishing products designed to provide the perfect finish, fast and effectively. Our range includes polishing compounds, buffing and polishing pads and other detailing products, from world leading brands 3M and Meguiars.

Body Side Moulding Tapes

Structural and Non-struct ural Acrylic Foam Tapes are proven high performance attachment systems for bonding automotive accessories and trim parts. We offer these AFTs in rolls or die-cuts to suit your interior or exterior applications. 

Body Fillers and Putties

A professional range of Polyester Body Fillers and Putties for general use, marine and composite, collision repair and at an OEM level. The range includes fibreglass reinforced and structural fillers.

Protective Films

Polyurethane and PET (Polyethylene), Protective and Transit Films. Available in various grades, from low-tack (Non-residue transfer) to High-tack films as well as Non-Yellowing, UV stable and Stone Chip PU Films.

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