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Adhesive Tapes

Using a wealth of 3M technologies and expertise in many industries, we have developed solutions for a variety of applications that cover structural bonding, mounting, packaging, industrial fastening and masking tapes. Our range includes Single and Double-Sided Tapes to suit almost every application. We can also offer our customers the option of having single and double-sided tapes converted to their specifications. Die-cuts can be converted to any shape or size.

Structural Bonding Tapes

3M VHB Tapes are high strength Industrial tapes, with their high viscoelasticity and excellent sealing capacity and heat resistance, they are used throughout the industry to replace mechanical fasteners. Acrylic tapes are used in applications such as electronics, metal and plastics processing, transportation, construction and signage systems. 

Products include (in a variety of forms, thicknesses, widths) 3M VHB systems, BOSS 9000 series Acrylic Foam Tapes, BOSS Adhesive Tapes: VP 09, VX 10-C, VH 13-Y

Masking Tapes

Complete range of Crepe Masking Tapes for the Industrial, Consumer and Automotive Markets. Various grades including; general use, medium and high temperature applications.

Our range includes 3M Y1156, 3M Y1155, 3M Automotive Masking, 3M Highland 2634, 3M 231 Hi-Temp, Eurocel LT, GP, Hi Temp, 80 , 6143

Double-Sided Mounting & Bonding Tapes

Double Sided Tapes are engineered with adhesive on both sides of the following carrier options: urethane, vinyl, elastomeric, polyethylene, acrylic or neoprene, with different adhesives coatings available as alternatives are Rubber, Silicon and Acrylic.

Properties include high temperature resistance, conformability to irregular surfaces, high initial adhesion, high sheer strength and more. They fill gaps and distribute stress uniformly over the bonded area.

Products also include 3M Scotchmount, GDA’s, RDA’s and Badgemount, General Purpose Mirror Mount Tapes, BOSS 9000 series Acrylic Foam Tapes.

Specialized Tapes

These include Aluminium, Duct and Cloth Tape, Teflon, PVC Demarcation and Reflective. 

Aluminium - They are available in a variety of gauges and adhesive strengths. A wide variety of metal foil tapes for use in aviation, metal finishing, appliance and transportation industries

Duct & Cloth Tape - They provide dependable and exceptional performance for many sealing, masking, bundling, patching and reinforcing applications. Moisture resistant, easy to tear, adhere to most surface, high tensile strength, good conformability and versatility.

Teflon and PTFE Film Tapes - Low co-efficient of friction and high temperature resistant properties.

PVC Demarcation Tapes - Vinyl tapes are used extensively for demarcation of floors, surface protection and a variety of colour coding applications. Available in a variety of colours and widths.

Reflective Tapes - We stock Engineering Grade and Automotive Diamond Grade reflective tapes. As per South African regulation all registered HGV’s over 3.5 tonnes, busses, taxis, caravans and trailers require reflective conspicuity markings that clearly outline the rear and sides of the vehicle to make it visible for up to 1000 metres at night. South African Road Regulations

Dual Lock / Reclosable Fasteners

A patented 3M design, known as re-closable fastening systems used in automotive and industrial applications.

Low-tack Protective Films

An extensive range of polyethylene, non-residue adhesive films. Available in various micron thicknesses and low, medium or high-tack adhesive options. Used extensively for surface protection and vehicle transit protection.

Single & Double-sided Tape, Die-cutting & Converting

We can offer our customers the option of converting single and double sided tapes to their specifications, as well as die cuts to any shape or size.

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