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Safety Products

A specialized range of personal protection equipment (PPE) including respiratory, hearing, head and eye protection. Training and certification is included in our offering. With new laws and legislation, prioritize your PPE in the work place.

Eye Protection

The 3M range of eye protection offers a variety of modern and stylish products. All our safety spectacles and goggles protect the eyes from a number of hazards and are available with a selection of coatings, lens types and accessories.

Head & Face Protection

3M is the world's leading supplier of Speedglas brand Welding Helmets and Systems for eye, face and respiratory protection. Our knowledge and experience of welders' working conditions sparks innovative development of products that enable welding performance and make the welder's job safer and more comfortable.

What is auto-darkening?

  • Before welding: clear view with both hands free for positioning.
  • During welding: the filter instantly switches to dark state.
  • After welding: clear view for inspection and preparation.

Hearing Protection

Detecting noise levels in the workplace is the first step to ensure your workforce is protected. Complying with regulations, selecting appropriate protection, and analyzing noise control options are all easier with 3M solutions for exposure assessment, noise analysis, and employee engagement. 3M's accurate, reliable, and flexible instrumentation coupled with powerful software is the innovative solution for your noise detection challenge.

Respiratory Protection

Sweeping, sanding, grinding, painting, spraying, welding, etc each creates a unique set of demands. 3M offers you the widest range of disposable respirators, reusable respirators and powered air respirators and supplied air respirators for the widest range of industrial and other applications, with unequaled pedigree, gained in the toughest conditions.

Disposable Respirators - Particulate Respirators by 3M combine ergonomic design for superior comfort with proprietary technologies that help deliver easier breathing and comfortable protection against particle hazards. The 3M™ High Performance Filter Media combines the benefits of mechanical filtration with advanced technology filtration to capture particles and the 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve reduces heat build up.

Reusable Respirators - Our range of 3M™ Reusable Respirators offers exceptional quality and value for money when protecting your workers against industrial gases, vapours and particulate hazards. Not only do these masks protect, but they are comfortable and easy to use.

Powered & Supplied Air Respirators - 3M offers an extensive and flexible range of industrial powered and supplied air respirators developed for a wide range of environments, applications and hazards. These respiratory protective systems offer comfortable, integrated protection against multiple hazards providing respiratory, head, face, eye and hearing protection. Their ease-of-use can improve productivity in the workplace.

Protective Coveralls/ Limited Use Garments

3M provides a range of high quality, stylish protective coveralls that offer breathable comfort and protection you can rely on.

Comfortable and lightweight with the highest level of construction quality, the range provides peace of mind for effective use and protection against many industrial hazards. Our range includes white coveralls, chemical protection and fire retardant clothing, as well overboots.

General Safety

A selective range of specialized gloves and safety boots from Safety Jogger, manufactured to meet the highest EURONORM standards.

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