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Nigel Jopson

Managing Director

Nigel provides effective leadership and direction.

He values integrity, ethics, respect and drive - qualities he lives out in his everyday life. He believes that without dedicated employees, a company is nothing.

Nigel enjoys fishing, watching good movies, spending time with his family and the odd getaway to Port Alfred.

Interesting fact: His bucket list contains things like road tripping up the West Coast, going on an island fishing trip, catching a big Grunter on the Kowie River and restoring a muscle car.

Fawn Jopson


As Director, Fawn handles the company’s HR and Finances.

She believes in honesty and integrity. These are values that are applied at Coastland Sales daily.

Fawn is a doting granny and mom. She loves spending time with family and grandchildren (all seven of them). Fawn enjoys cooking, baking and gardening.

Interesting fact: Fawn absolutely loves her “Granny” days, when she gets to spend time with all her grandchildren.

Berenice Brainers

Credit Control and Office Administrator

Berenice is responsible for credit control and general office administration. Her primary function is to ensure that overdue money owed to the company is recovered within a reasonable time-frame.

She takes pride in her work and always strives to do her best. Working with an exceptional team makes it all that much easier.

Berenice is a Volkswagen enthusiast and loves nice-looking cars. She is a supportive wife and always lends a hand whenever her husband tinkers in the garage.

Interesting fact: If her pit bull doesn’t like you, the chances are she doesn't either.

Garreth Jopson

Commercial Director

As part of his role, Garreth assists in leading the organisation and ensures company growth plans and objectives are met. He also handles global sourcing and managing international supplier relationships.

Garreth is led by a strong moral compass – something he sees echoed in the business. Being a family business, values and ethics are at the core of everything we do at Coastland Sales.

He is a devoted husband, father of four and an all-round fitness enthusiast.

Interesting fact: He’s a junior football coach!

Dwayne Kelly

Internal Sales Representative

Dwayne works with customers both telephonically and over the counter.

He values kindness, loyalty and honesty - values the Coastland team strives to enact towards customers.

Dwayne is a proud husband and a father to an adorable little boy. He plays rugby socially and enjoys cooking and baking with his wife.

Interesting fact: Before entering the corporate world, Dwayne played rugby professionally for 6 years.

Ken Van Wyk

Sales Representative

He is a Baby Boomer and ultimately a Sales Representative who services AOEM, from the 1st Tier and their Industrial customers.

Ken values leading by example and honesty. He ensures that Coastland Sales aims to always provide 1st class service and advice.

Interesting fact: Practices karate and enjoys time spent with my family.

Lolly Booi

Internal Sales and Support

Lolly is based in the Port Elizabeth branch and is responsible for Internal Sales and Support.

After two years at Coastland Sales, she has learnt that family values and respect between coworkers are essential qualities, practised by the Coastland Sales team daily.

She enjoys reading and going out with friends.

Interesting fact: Lolly loves trying new places around the Bay.

Tim Jopson

Operations Manager

Tim serves as a link between the different branches and handles inter-branch transfers between the 4 stores. Internally, he looks after the abrasive converting, warehouse logistics and offloading of stock. He also assists with sales and key customer accounts.

Above all, he values dedication, service and teamwork. Being part of the Coastland Sales team allows him to use these values to deliver exceptional service that leaves customers satisfied.
When not in the office, Tim enjoys spending time with his loving wife and kids. He likes to keep active. You’ll find him trail running, mountain biking or hunting.

Interesting fact: He often refers to braaing as ‘tanning a chop’.

Rebecca Jopson

Procurement and Special Projects

Her role involves buying for the Port Elizabeth branch, creating supplier questionnaires, handling customer data and data reporting.

Rebecca is a student at heart and is always trying to learn something new. Coastland Sales allows her to learn new things daily.

Before all else, she is a mother and wife. She often takes her kids to sports lessons, appointments and playdates. Every weekend Rebecca has ‘date mornings’ with her husband and they go for a quick bike ride in the Baakens Valley.

Interesting fact: Rebecca is a teacher by profession.

Chantal Mare


Chantal recently joined the Coastland Sales team as the company Bookkeeper.

Since her finance career started in 2007, as a Junior Bookkeeper at a small local Bookkeeping firm, she has completed qualifications in Business Management and Financial Accounting. She is currently studying towards a Post Graduate Degree in Financial Management.

Chantal values honesty, compassion and kindness and believes that a successful and fulfilling career is built upon the foundations of integrity, discipline and accountability.

Above all else, she is a dedicated mom of two and an unashamed cat lady. In her free time she can be found tending to her garden, creating, crafting or cooking for her friends and family.

Malford Damens

Internal Sales

I’m always looking for opportunities to improve my skills, both at work and in my personal life. I’m extremely passionate about music, photography, videography and creating memories for others through the eye of a lens. On weekends, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and socialising with friends. I value loyalty, integrity and respect. My motto for life is ‘good vibes only’.

Ryan Bolt

Internal Sales & Sales Support

Ryan is responsible for Internal Sales & Sales Support at the Port Elizabeth branch.

He’s been in the DIY and construction retail sector for over 16 years and brings a wealth of building, plumbing, paint and general DIY knowledge to every interaction with a client.

Professionalism, problem-solving, friendliness and excellence are all values that Ryan holds close in his career. Outside of work, he loves playing guitar, cooking, spending time with his dog and travelling with good company.

Interesting fact: Ryan once worked as a camp counsellor in Texas, USA!


Warick Kelly

External Sales

In external sales, Warick is responsible for attending to customers and providing them with technical advice. He also demonstrates the specific applications of product ranges.

He takes pride in helping people and going the extra mile. Warick enjoys interacting with people and solving their problems while making them feel like part of the Coastland family.

Warick is a devoted husband and a father to two beautiful daughters. He enjoys fishing and relaxing on the beach with his family.

Interesting fact: He’s a hands-on type of guy and loves doing odd jobs around the house.

Sivenathi Nelani

External Sales

Sivenathi joined the company as a YES for Youth candidate with an open mind and readiness for a new career direction in sales. One year later he was promoted to fulfill the role as an external sales representative who deals with customers on a daily basis and servicing their product needs, while also problem solving issues they might face daily.

He is a hands-on team player with a “ready now, why wait” attitude. He’s a hard worker, who always strives for success.

Interesting fact: Outside of work, he’s a family-oriented guy and a super proud and excited father to his baby boy. He always makes time for his partner and video games. He is also a sports man with a huge interest in rugby and cricket.

Taniel de Lange

Internal Sales & Office Administrator

Taniel is our Internal Sales & Office Administrator and is driven by customer satisfaction. She works hard to make sure that everyone’s experience at Coastland Sales is a remarkable one.

She is a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful children. Taniel’s passions include fashion and interior design and, when she’s not spending time with her family, you will find Taniel outdoors, enjoying nature and soaking up the sun.


Ken Chiocchetti

Key Accounts & Business Development

Apart from overseeing the running of the branch, Ken looks after OEM and Tier 1 business. He also assists with sales and technical support for the national tapes business.

He is a strong believer in teamwork and is proud to be a part of a winning team.

Ken is a family man – a husband and a father of four strapping sons, who insist on calling him “Kenny”. He loves the outdoors and taking part in various activities, like fishing and diving.

Interesting fact: Ken enjoys tending to his small exotic parrot collection.

Sunita Leeladhur

Branch Administrator

Sunita is a ‘Jill of all trades’ and is involved in every aspect of the KwaZulu-Natal branch, from purchasing and invoicing, to internal sales and stock-taking.

She values family, compassion and kindness, and loves how the Coastland Sales culture incorporates these values. This is shown by their outreach programmes and canned pet food drives.

On the rare occasion when Sunita and her husband aren’t driving around their two teenagers, they love taking their ‘fur baby’ for a meander in the midlands.

Interesting fact: Sunita is a little weird, but normal is overrated.

Wesley Jopson

Branch Manager

Wesley serves the Kwazulu-Natal territory as Branch Manager.

He thrives on, and aims to create, efficiency in everything he is involved in.

He loves problem solving and can be found restoring, upgrading or rebuilding a machine, vehicle, appliance or piece of furniture at any given time.

Interesting fact: When Wesley was 15 years old he caught a 6.8kg Cornish Jack fish in Zimbabwe and held a national angling record.


Liam Johns


Liam enjoys finding new business opportunities and interacting with customers.

Discovering their application needs and supplying them with the best service is what keeps him going.

He has more than 10 years’ experience in the sales industry and has chosen Coastland Sales as his home as he shares the values of integrity, honesty and family that CLS has been built on.

An out of the box thinker, adventurous foodie, and every customer's favourite rep.

Interesting fact: After hours, Liam is a stand-up comedian!

Rezal Govender

Internal Sales & Office Administration

Rezal is the youngest member of the KZN team.

She has grasped the ins and outs of our industry exceptionally well and handles a host of responsibilities, including sales, invoicing and purchasing.

She is a big foodie and, in her spare time, she loves baking, binge-watching series and spending time with her friends and family.

Interesting fact: Rezal is currently a Financial Accounting student.

Nazlyn Govender

Stores Supervisor

Nazlyn is a determined individual who strives to get things done and is always improving. His aim is to “better his best.” He loves uplifting others and assisting them with reaching their goals.

He loves fishing, cars, bikes, and has a passion for cooking. His role model is Gordon Ramsey and if he isn’t enjoying his free time with his 2nd wife (His Car) you will find him where the fish are calling.

Interesting Fact: Nazlyn is a dad to 2 male felines who keep him in check.


Mel Walsh

Internal Sales and Office Administrator

Mel oversees Internal Sales and coordinates everything from quoting to expediting orders, follow-ups and more. She also assists the sales representatives where required.

She believes in being honest and sincere with her customers and offers them the best product solutions and service.

Camping, reading and watching movies are her favourite pastimes, as well as spending time with family and friends.

Interesting fact: Mel is passionate about photography and wildlife and has developed a keen interest in wildlife photography.

Derienn Naidoo


The "utility player", a workhorse who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty whether it be in production or dispatch, but whose preferred position is sales.

Derienn always aims to deliver the exceptional to customers in the most professional and efficient way possible. He believes that without challenge there is no achievement.

The core values of CLS are aligned with his own, which is what drew him to the CLS role. 

Outside of work, he is a major sports fanatic and will give any sport a try (he is a die-hard Arsenal fan). He enjoys trying new food and restaurants, binge-watching a series on Netflix, cooking, being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

Interesting fact: He’s more than ‘a bit’ of a neat freak.

Ian Chapman

Sales / SAIT Abrasive Specialist

I started my career as a Draughtsman in a large OEM mining corporation and have spent the past 9 years broadening my skills in an engineering firm, supplying specialised machine tooling directly to the engineering, automotive, mining and manufacturing sectors.

I’m open-minded and never want to stop learning and applying myself, so that I can continue to add value and make a difference to every client I serve - seeing customers satisfied is my ultimate goal!

I have a passion for working with people and making things happen. I strive to stay true to myself and stick to my morals and values. The key is honesty and integrity - I believe in always seeing the good in everything and making the most of every situation.

When I’m not spending time with family and friends, you will find me outside mowing the lawn to get it looking like the best putting green in the neighbourhood (my very own Augusta). I love drawing and designing on AutoCAD, and working on my MasterChef skills as my fiancé is a “Foodie”.

Interesting fact: My Fiancé and my sister are both in the medical field, yet I can't handle the sight of blood, although I will gladly donate blood without hesitation (I just don’t want to see the needle).

Stephen Burrow

National Sales Manager

I have spent most of my career in Occupational Health and Safety, from Sales Consultant to General Manager, opening regional offices and managing Sales teams across the African continent and the Middle East. I’m a committed Christian and I consider my remarkable family, unbelievable wife and children as my greatest achievement.

Outside of work, I love holidaying along the Garden Route, camping with family and friends, Dullstroom Winter Weekends, Liverpool FC and the Blue Bulls! I have a passion for working in teams, training, selling and building meaningful relationships with others. I’m humbled and grateful to be a part of such a special business and team at CLS.

Morgan Walsh

Stores and Internal Sales and Admin support

I am an enthusiastic, quick learner who loves to challenge myself and to find creative ways to solve a problem or a way to work out how to do something quickly and efficiently.

I was previously involved in Coaching sport such as Rugby and Cricket and loved the mental and physical side of how coaching others would improve them and myself for the better and I’d like to say I’ve taken that mentality into my work here at Coastland Sales.

Sport is my first love as I am a Die-hard Manchester UTD and Sharks fan. I also enjoy Cricket, F1, Golf and really anything that has to do with live sport. I am a Bush lover with many years spent at Kruger and exploring other game parks that South Africa has to offer.

My motto in life is: “A day without laughter is a day wasted” so I try to make every situation I am in the most enjoyable as possible while making friends and memories along the way!


We are proud to be one of 650 companies participating in the Yes4Youth Initiative. Building a sustainable, robust economy is the single most important task facing our country, and South Africa’s youth hold the key to achieving this task.

With the assistance of Resionex, we have pledged to assist 14 candidates in gaining 1-year’s worth of work experience to assist them in their career development and entry into the South African work force.

We are proud to be one of 650 companies participating in the Yes4Youth Initiative. Building a sustainable, robust economy is the single most important task facing our country, and South Africa’s youth hold the key to achieving this task.

With the assistance of Resionex, we have pledged to assist 14 candidates in gaining 1-year’s worth of work experience to assist them in their career development and entry into the South African work force.